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TS Flash Backup enigma2 plugin

SFlashBackup enigma2 plugin for genuine and sim2 dm800se,dm800 and dm500hd dreambox

enigma2-plugin-extensions-tsflashbackup_84b_mipsel by mfaraj57
many plugins available for flash image backup for each type of sim2 dreambox

This plugin can be used for all( sim2 dm800,dm800se and dm500hd also for genuine dreambox)
-the part of the plugin for genuine dreambox based and modified from the code of Jack Daneil coder of gp3flashbackup
The plugin download the required files from sim2 server so connection with internet is necessary particularly for first backup
The plugin tested with latest nemesis and merlin and the backup flashed again without problems
probably not working with openpli and newnigma images due to different architecture of these images

install as any ipk file or download directly from TSpanel-addons-sim2 addons-sim2-plugins


توقيع : samehfr

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