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Add a record button to a DM500s remote

Add a record button to a DM500s remote

There is no "record" button on a DB500s remote control so you can only record using the timer function. But a record button can be "added" by modifying the rcdmxxx5.xml file 

copy the rcdmxxx5.xml file from /share/tuxbox/enigma/resources/rcdm5xxx.xml and save it to your PC.

Make a backup of it.

Use the "edit > find" facility to search for RECORD and make the following change:


<action ****="record" key="record" flags="m" />


<action ****="record" key="mute" flags="m" />

After editing it save it to /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/resources/ as the original file is read-only () and can't be chmod'd with an FTP program.

You can now use the mute button when in DVR mode (the yellow button) to as a record button on a DM500s remote.
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