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TS-Doctor 1.2.7 BETA

1.2.7 BETA March 27, 2012

- Fixed problems in the analysis of pure audio recordings (radio)
- Fixed problems when playing pure audio recordings (radio)
- Broken advertising recognition (AC mode), the cut is closed automatically
- Improved handling of delays for AC3 sound in the muxer/remuxer
- Missing AC3 frames at the beginning are filled with silent frames in the muxer/remuxer
- The sound remains lip-sync now also if errors occure in EAC3 streams for the muxer/remuxer
- The remaining delay is specified in the log for the muxer/remuxer
- The remaining delays are used for the remuxing via TSMuxer or MKVToolnix and should be give synched audio/video
- MouseWheel support for the list of "recognized streams" on the main form
- Fixed a bug in the TS-Doctor Filesource that sporadically resulted in crashes in the cutting window
- Support for LAV Splitter
- Existing .edl cut files are now correctly imported with the necessary adjustment of the cutting points
- In the cutting window the keyboard shortcut "P" can be used for play and pause

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