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Wifi Plugin 1.2

Wifi Plugin
What's new in 1.2:
- a signal strenght, noise measurement and so on.
- support for an adhoc connection.
That's a peer-to-peer connection without a router.
Nice for testing...
- after stopping the wifi interface you don't need to start the plugin twice.
Thus, a bug fix.
- the buttons are a bit changed.
"Save" is to save the settings but the plugin will not quit.
So you can check your link status directly.
Use "exit" to quit the plugin (after saving if you want to preserve the settings).
These adapters are supported and tested:
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x04bb, 0x0922, "IOData AirPort WN-B11/USBS")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x07aa, 0x0012, "Corega Wireless LAN USB Stick-11")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x09aa, 0x3642, "Prism2.x 11Mbps WLAN USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x1668, 0x0408, "Actiontec Prism2.5 11Mbps WLAN USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x1668, 0x0421, "Actiontec Prism2.5 11Mbps WLAN USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x1915, 0x2236, "Linksys WUSB11v3.0 11Mbps WLAN USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x066b, 0x2212, "Linksys WUSB11v2.5 11Mbps WLAN USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x066b, 0x2213, "Linksys WUSB12v1.1 11Mbps WLAN USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x067c, 0x1022, "Siemens SpeedStream 1022 11Mbps WLAN USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x049f, 0x0033, "Compaq/Intel W100 PRO/Wireless 11Mbps multiport WLAN Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x0411, 0x0016, "Melco WLI-USB-S11 11Mbps WLAN Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x08de, 0x7a01, "PRISM25 IEEE 802.11 Mini USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x8086, 0x1111, "Intel PRO/Wireless 2011B LAN USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x0d8e, 0x7a01, "PRISM25 IEEE 802.11 Mini USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x045e, 0x006e, "Microsoft MN510 Wireless USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x0967, 0x0204, "Acer Warplink USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x0cde, 0x0002, "Z-Com 725/726 Prism2.5 USB/USB Integrated")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x0cde, 0x0005, "Z-Com Xl735 Wireless 802.11b USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x413c, 0x8100, "Dell TrueMobile 1180 Wireless USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x0b3b, 0x1601, "ALLNET 0193 11Mbps WLAN USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x0b3b, 0x1602, "ZyXEL ZyAIR B200 Wireless USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x0baf, 0x00eb, "USRobotics USR1120 Wireless USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x0411, 0x0027, "Melco WLI-USB-KS11G 11Mbps WLAN Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x04f1, 0x3009, "JVC MP-XP7250 Builtin USB WLAN Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x0846, 0x4110, "NetGear MA111")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x03f3, 0x0020, "Adaptec AWN-8020 USB WLAN Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x2821, 0x3300, "ASUS-WL140 Wireless USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x2001, 0x3700, "DWL-122 Wireless USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x2001, 0x3702, "DWL-120 Rev F Wireless USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x50c2, 0x4013, "Averatec USB WLAN Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x2c02, 0x14ea, "Planex GW-US11H WLAN USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x124a, 0x168b, "Airvast PRISM3 WLAN USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x083a, 0x3503, "T-Sinus 111 USB WLAN Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x2821, 0x3300, "Hawking HighDB USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x0411, 0x0044, "Melco WLI-USB-KB11 11Mbps WLAN Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x1668, 0x6106, "ROPEX FreeLan 802.11b USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x9016, 0x182d, "Sitecom WL-022 USB Adapter")},
{PRISM_USB_DEVICE(0x124a, 0x4017, "Pheenet WL-503IA 802.11b USB Adapter")

How to install:
Unzip the zip file using the directory structure and store the files on the dreambox.
The files are already in directories like var and var/plugins so that's not too difficult.
You must edit the file manually /var/etc/init if you want to startup the plugin automaticly during booting:

توقيع : samehfr

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